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A green story by Marken Design + Consulting.

Econ Group

Econ Group Construction and Development Ltd. is a Vancouver-based, medium sized design-build firm in its 13th year of business, positioned as the only explicitly modern residential contractor in the Greater Vancouver area.

Econ Group - Building forward

Herz & Lang Consulting

Herz & Lang's experience is based on a variety of completed Passive and Energy Efficient Houses, Renovations and Construction measurements for quality assurance including certifying Passive House Buildings worldwide.

Herz & Lang

RENU Building Science

ReNü Building Science is in business to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, providing happier, healthier, more nourishing indoor environments.

Renu Building Science

CREE by Rhomberg

CREE brings wood into the city as a building material – and we create a new basis for modern urban architecture with flexibility, efficiency, reduced lifecycle costs and high building value maintenance.

CREE by Rhomberg