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Smart, Efficient and Green

A green story by Marken Design + Consulting.

Marken Design + Consulting is a multidisciplinary, award winning building design and project consulting firm focusing on implementing high performance building design & construction practices in North America including Passive House, Net Zero, LEED Platinum and Living Building.

We are active in Passive House Design & Consulting, Green Building Design & Consulting, Project Management and Construction Administration both in the private and public sector. Furthermore, our *GINE network complements our Canadian partnerships by offering innovative green products, technologies and expertise from European market leaders in Green Building & Design.

With the most completed Passive House projects in Canada, Marken Design + Consulting is one of North America's leading Passive House design & consulting firms being involved in over 30 projects in Canada, United States and Europe  including the 1st residential Passive House in Canada certified by the German Passivhaus Institute.

Marken Projects Design + Consulting was founded with the goal to bring a fresh and forward thinking holistic approach to designing and developing Green Building Projects.

As a member of the Canadian Green Building Council and the International Passive House Association, our team is actively promoting environmentally responsible design and construction.

* LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
* GINE = Green Innovations Network Europe